Wound Care

It often comes as a surprise to our patients that the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre is one of the elite clinics when it comes to providing certain types of wound care in Toronto. Dr. Chivers has over a decade of experience providing reconstructive surgery and treatment for victims of fire and other major wounds. At his clinic, patients that suffer from these types of wounds and require treatment or surgery are treated as a top priority.

About Wound Care

It is just about impossible to describe all the possible ways that a person can be wounded. From minor scratches to complete destruction of skin and tissue, there are literally billions of different ways that people can be injured. Each case requiring wound care is different and the staff at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre treats each one differently. However, there are some common types of wounds and treatments.

Acute Wounds

Acute wounds are the most common type of injury that people are familiar with. These are wounds that are often caused by some form of piercing or cutting. Acute wounds, when large enough, often leave very large and noticeable scars that aren’t likely to ever fully disappear. Bad enough wounds can also remove tissue and skin that will never replace itself. These wounds are often treated with reconstructive surgery that replaces lost skin and tissue and helps reduce the size and color of any scarring.

Chronic Wounds

A chronic wound is one that does not heal in an orderly or normal manner. A common example of an internal chronic wound is an ulcer. Chronic wounds are more common in older patients and are likely to result in infection if not properly treated. Surgical options can help counter the problems caused by chronic wounds and can even prevent them from recurring completely in some patients.

Home Care

While Dr. Chivers can’t transport the clinic to your home, if you require wound care at home, he does provide at-home service for patients in need. Many treatments aren’t available, but he can provide minor surgical procedures, injections, and topical treatments that are valuable in treating certain types of wounds.

Infectious Disease

Many infectious diseases cause external damage to patients, especially in older patients. Various types of wounds or cysts can open up from certain infectious diseases. At the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Chivers treats both the disease and provides wound care for any wounds that arise from it. Since these type of wounds often threaten to grow and potentially require amputations if left untreated, he takes care to ensure that they are fully treated as quickly as possible. If the wounds result in scars, as is common, the patient is provided with constructive surgery or skin grafts, as appropriate to help minimize the scarring.

Hyperbaric Wounds

Wounds require oxygen to heal. Certain types of wounds heal best when place in a high pressure state where they are receiving 100% oxygen. The types of wounds that heal best this way are radiation burns, thermal burns, crush injuries, and certain types of infection. The Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for these types of wounds in order to ensure the patient receives the best possible healing. Depending on the wound, this type of healing may be combined with other procedures, like skin grafts or reconstructive surgery, to produce the best results.

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