Skin Cancer

In addition to traditional cosmetic surgery, Dr. Chivers also offers skin cancer treatments for patients at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. These surgical procedures can fully remove common forms of skin cancer like basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma. A successful surgery not only completely removes the cancerous cells, but should also prevent them from returning in the future.
Because Dr. Chivers truly cares about his patients, the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre offers generous care options for any patients seeking reconstructive or medical surgery. For starters, the initial consultation for this surgery is completely free, allowing patients with skin cancer to focus on getting better, rather than worry about money. Furthermore, Dr. Chivers takes extra care to minimize scarring from the procedure and also performs skin grafts and reconstructive surgery when damage from the cancer requires it.
This deep care for patients is mirrored in every single staff member of the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre, making it the best place in Toronto to receive skin cancer treatment.




With other a decade of experience in the field, Dr. Chivers is incredibly familiar with all types of skin cancer and appropriate treatment options. If you know you have skin cancer or even just suspect it, he will give you a full examination to determine exactly what options or best for your situation and whether you are a candidate for surgical procedures. As with almost every surgery, it is important that you are in relatively good health before surgery is performed and part of his examination will determine whether you can endure the surgery safely.

The Procedure

Depending on the size and location of the cancer, normally the surgery can be performed using only local anesthetic. Occasionally the surgery will require general anesthesia. Whichever anesthetic option is required, Dr. Chivers will then cut away the tumor and a small portion of the surrounding skin. Once it is removed, he will stitch up the wound. This procedure does leave a notable scar and may require follow-up appointments with an oncologist for radiation or chemotherapy in some cases.

Skin Grafts

Because the scars that are left by skin cancer surgery can be quite large, many patients often feel self-conscious about their scars. Dr. Chivers understands that this can be quite depressing and mentally harmful to the patient. In order to fight this feeling, in some cases Dr. Chivers may opt to perform a skin graft in order to remove the scar.

A skin graft removes a small layer of skin from a different portion of the body, often the lower back, legs, buttocks, or hips, and moves it to the location of the scar. The moved skin is then blended into the nearby skin using very small stitches. This most hides the presence of the scar and makes the skin in the area look almost entirely natural and unharmed.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

If you have any form of skin cancer or even suspect that you do, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Chivers at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto. Consultations for medical procedures are always at no cost.
Skin cancer can be life threatening if untreated. Make your appointment today and get started on returning your skin to a healthy state with surgery from a highly experienced professional.