Mole Removal

Do you have a dark spot that is significantly larger or darker than a freckle? Does that spot protrude slightly from the skin or have extra hair growing from it? If so, there is a reasonable chance that you have a relatively normal, if unsightly mole. Whether that mole is visible or not, if you want it removed, Dr. Chivers of the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre offers the best mole removal surgery in the Toronto area.

Mole removal is a relatively simple surgery. Almost all mole removal surgery is completed using local anesthetic. The procedure involves removing the growth with a scalpel and carefully stitching the edges of the wound together in a way that produces as small a scar as possible. This is particularly important for moles that are in visible locations like the face, neck, hands, or arms.
Not all moles or growths can be removed by the mole removal surgery offered by the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. If a mole is cancerous or exceptionally large, you may be referred to a different physician. However, Dr. Chivers is highly knowledgeable about moles and can readily identify your mole and the proper response with just a brief consultation and examination. And, in the vast majority of cases, patients that wish to have moles removed will prove to viable candidates.


Determining that your mole isn’t cancerous is only one step in ensuring that you are a good candidate for mole removal surgery. You also need to be in relatively good health and not have any medical conditions that would make performing surgery or giving you anesthetic dangerous.

Assuming that is true, all you need to be a candidate is to have a growth or mole that you want removed. It doesn’t matter whether it is a visible growth that you want removed for aesthetic reasons or a growth that is otherwise hidden by clothing. Either way Dr. Chivers will remove the growth professionally with an effort made to minimize scarring.


Recovery is remarkably rapid for mole removal surgery. You can return to regular activities almost immediately upon completion of the surgery, though you should avoid strenuous activities for roughly a week. About a week later you will also need to return to the clinic in order to have the stitches removed. Any pain will be minimal and easily treated with over the counter pain killers.

Scarring from this procedure is light, though darker skinned individuals may notice a slightly lighter skin area after the procedure. In order to protect the scar from damage, you should avoid tanning or allowing the area to receive too much sun exposure and should liberally use sunscreen on the area for roughly a year.

The staff at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre is available throughout the recovery process to provide information and assistance if necessary.

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If you are living in the Toronto area and have a mole or growth that you want removed, you can make an appointment for your initial consultation immediately. Dr. Chivers will give you a thorough examination, ensure that you are a good candidate, and fully inform you of your options before any surgery begins. Once you are satisfied with your options, we will schedule your surgical procedure for the first available time that fits your schedule.

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