Lipoma Removal

A lipoma is a benign fatty tumour located under the skin. While most lipomas are safe to never be treated, some present problems which require excision. Additionally, many patients will seek to remove lipomas simply for aesthetic reasons.


Typically, a lipoma appears as a mobile, soft, non-painful mass just below the surface of the skin. Candidates for this surgery:

  • Have one or more lipomas in an unsightly location.
  • Experience pain from the lipoma or at the site of the lipoma.


The vast majority of lipoma are benign tumors that present little difficulty to removal. However, in a small number of cases, a lipoma may actually be a more malignant tumor. As part of the initial consultation, Dr. Chivers will identify what type of lipoma you have and ensure that removal can be performed safely. If there is any reason Dr. Chivers can’t remove it, you will be referred to an oncologist that can provide the necessary treatment.


There are two main surgical methods of lipoma removal, liposuction and incision. Each method of removal requires surgery, though each offers slightly different benefits and side effects. Dr. Chivers will review and determine the best option with you for your situation.


Like all surgical procedures, there is a recovery time for lipoma removal. If your surgery involved liposuction, the recovery will be slightly longer and you will have more bruising during the first week. In either case, only very light activities should be undertaken for a few days and strenuous activities should generally be avoided altogether for a few weeks. For the vast majority of patients, recovery is fast and uneventful.

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A lipoma is a medical condition that can be quite unsightly and bothersome. If you wish to have yours removed in a professional and safe environment with as minimal scarring as possible, simply book a consultation with Dr. Chivers.

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