You Have Questions About Face Lifts?

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At the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre, we believe that a happy patient is an informed patient. That is why we try to answer all of the questions our patients have. Here are the most common questions we get about face lifts.

For those not in the medical profession, the term face lift has become the default term for any cosmetic surgery designed to alter the appearance of the face, whether that procedure is rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, ear pinning, or an actual face lift. In the medical profession, the term is used more precisely. A face lift is a surgical procedure that involves small incisions near the ear in order to tighten muscles in the face. The result is smoother, tighter skin around the neck, jawline, and cheeks.
Like any surgery, there are risks involved with a face lift, though those risks are relatively small. Face lift procedures are straightforward and usually take about 2.5 hours. In some circumstances, they can be performed under local anesthesia. Complications are generally rare and limited to unusual swelling. If you have any concerns, our staff will ensure that your questions will be fully answered first.
This is probably the most common question we get about face lifts at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. Every patient is different, but complete recovery usually takes no more than three months. After two weeks, most patients are able to engage in the majority of their daily activities, given that they are not overly strenuous, and by three weeks, most of the swelling is usually gone. As the remaining swelling fades, patients are able to resume more strenuous activities. Any scarring, most of which is usually hidden, should fully disappear in about six months time.

Ready to Get Started

Now that you understand more about face lifts, you are ready to start feeling better about your looks by getting face lift surgery in Toronto, performed by Dr. Chivers. However, before we perform the surgery, there is one more important step to take: the consultation.

The Consultation

The reason the consultation is so important is because every single patient is different and every single face lift is a unique procedure. When you consult with Dr. Chivers, he will sit down with you and fully discuss the features of your face. He will examine your jowl line, cheek bones, eye shape, nose shape, neck size, and much more, offering advice on what adjustments will best complement the look of your face. By the end of the consultation you will know exactly how your face will look after the surgery, and it will be the look you want, in part because you participated fully in the planning process.


At the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre we perform two different types of face lifts. Which type you need depends upon your age, how much recovery time you can afford, and the results you are looking for. These two types are:

  • Full Face lift – A full face lift offers more dramatic changes in looks, but produces deeper scars and has a longer recovery time.
  • Mini Face lift – A mini face lift is best for minor changes or touching up previous face lifts. A mini face lift produces smaller scars because it involves smaller incisions and has a shorter than normal recovery time.

If you are ready to see a more youthful version of yourself in the mirror, contact Dr. Chivers today to schedule your consultation.

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