Ear Pinning

Ear pinning, or in medical terminology, otoplasty, is a rather simple surgical procedure. As the name suggests, ear pinning is a cosmetic surgical procedure that adjusts protruding ears so that they rest closer to the head. This decreases the profile of the patient in a way that patients often find aesthetically more pleasing. This procedure also offers potential safety benefits for people that work in professions or engage in hobbies where protruding ears can get caught on things.

Ear pinning surgery is one of the more simple cosmetic surgery procedures available at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto. It normally only takes at most two hours to complete, can usually be performed with just local anesthetic, and has a rather short recovery period.


During the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision behind your ear in order to get at the cartilage. Between partial removal and bending of the cartilage, the surgeon is able to adjust the angle of your ear lobes. Permanent surgical stitches are used to lock this orientation in place.

As previously mentioned, ear pinning surgery has one of the shortest recovery times of any surgical procedure offered by the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. Since the procedure is almost always performed with a local anesthetic, patients usually are able to leave the office shortly after the procedure is done and may even be in good enough condition to drive or walk home on their own (though we always recommend that someone picks them up just for safe measure).


Patients normally are able to return to work the day following the surgery and should be able to resume all normal activities within about three weeks time. Pain during recovery is low and easily manageable with low-grade pain killers. The only meaningful impediment during this time is that patients will need to wear a bandage for the first week at all times and must wear it at night for about three months after that.


Clinic staff are available to answer any questions and provide any assistance throughout the recovery period.


Like every surgery, candidates for ear pinning should be in relatively good shape and should not be smokers. Furthermore, candidates for ear pinning surgery are usually people that are unhappy with the aesthetic positioning of their ears, either because of how far they stick out from the head or because they are in some way mismatched.

If you are uncomfortable with the way your ears look, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Chivers. He will be able to provide you with complete information on how ear pinning surgery would change the way you look and whether it is the appropriate procedure to provide the changes that you desire.


Before you receive any surgery from the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre, you must have a consultation with Dr. Chivers. This consultation ensures that you are getting the right procedure to enact the changes you are seeking in your appearance and to ensure that there are no medical impediments to your procedure. Dr. Chivers strives to make every patient happy with their physical appearance while simultaneously ensuring their safety.

If you are unhappy with the position of your ears and live in the Toronto area, contact the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre today to schedule your consultation for ear pinning surgery.

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