Areola Reduction

Every breast is different. This isn’t just a statement of size, but also of shape, coloration, texture, firmness, and a whole lot more. One major difference between breasts, at least in visual terms, is the size of the areola, the dark area that immediately surrounds the nipple.

Most women have an areola that is roughly the size of a quarter. However, some women have much larger areolas. This is more common on larger breasts that also have larger nipples, but may also occasionally be found on smaller breasts.

If you are uncomfortable with the aesthetic of your breast specifically because of the large size of your areola, and you live in the Toronto area, areola reduction surgery from Dr. Chivers at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre is the perfect way to obtain the breasts that you have always wanted.

Areola reduction surgery is one of the less complex surgical procedures performed at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. In nearly all cases this surgery is performed under local anesthetic and takes roughly an hour to complete.


During the procedure, Dr. Chivers will make a small incision around your areola. Then he will remove excess tissue and skin from the area in order to decrease the size of your areola to a size that you find more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, he will use small stitches to minimize any scarring from the procedure.

Candidates for areola reduction surgery are women that are in generally good health, not currently breast feeding, and have areolas that are larger than they prefer. Most candidates have excessively large areolas that are larger than a golf ball, but areolas of just about any size can be reduced. Some candidates will not have large areolas, but rather unevenly shaped areolas that can be made more uniform through the use of this surgery. Dr. Chivers will identify your precise needs and whether you are a candidate for surgery during your initial consultation.


Like most surgical procedures that can be performed with local anesthetic, areola reduction surgery results in a rather quick recovery time. Most likely you will be able to drive and return to work the very next day after the surgery. Pain and swelling in your breasts should be minor and easily relieved by painkillers.

You will experience continued tenderness in your nipples for a few weeks and will usually need to wait roughly a month before you can once again engage in strenuous activities. It is recommended during the first two weeks, and possibly longer depending on the tenderness of your nipples, that you wear a soft sports bra, instead of a traditional bra. If you should experience any problems or have any questions during your recovery, the helpful staff of the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre are readily available to provide assistance.

Scheduling a Consultation

If you live in the Toronto area and you are unhappy with the large size of your areolas, you can get started on changing your looks by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Chivers. During that consultation he will give you a thorough examination and explain all of your available surgical options, answering any questions you might have. Once you fully understand the procedure and the expected results, your areola reduction surgery will be schedule right away.

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